• At Ifixcredit, we offer an exceptional and reliable level of service. One of the most comforting feelings you have is when the chains that bind you are loosened - if not completely removed! You will feel an increased sense of well-being and security as you watch your credit score improve.

    Our team is made up of high professional and well-trained individuals who are hardworking and their priority is to see our clients happy at all times. Our clients can count on our expertise to help them achieve their credit repair goals in the shortest possible time. Our services are cheap and affordable compared to the benefits our clients will enjoy.

  • Why Choose Us

    With Ifixcredit, our clients are guaranteed of accomplishing the following:

    • Fix errors on your credit reports.
    • Retrieve your credit report from the three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax)
    • Negotiate with your lenders to remove negative items.
    • Help improve your FICO score.

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