• At Ifixcredit, we will help you repair your bad credit. We will take care of your problematic credit reports. Our clients will benefit from our understanding of the application of relevant consumer protection laws to leverage on legal rights that will make their reports accurate, substantiated and fair.

    From bankruptcies to tax liens, charge-offs, over the years we have challenged several credit problems such as bankruptcies to tax liens, charge-offs all in the process of serving our clients which has resulted in millions of items removed from their credit reports. On a daily basis, we change the lives of our clients with our expertise in credit repair.

    We help our clients invoke several consumer protection statutes in our work to improve their lives and also, we help them frame tough questions that they are legally entitled to ask.

    Want to get started? Ifixcredit offers a free credit repair consultation, which includes a complete review of your FREE credit report summary and score.

    Ifixcredit will help you repair credit reports by removing misleading, unverifiable or inaccurate information ranging from charge-offs, bankruptcies, tax liens or late payments. Some of the benefits you will receive from our services are:

    •    Ability to obtain higher credit limits and new credit at more favorable rates for you and your family

    •    A substantial increase in your credit report

    •    Removal of the items that are not your responsibility

    •    Not missing out on a wonderful career opportunity due to a poor credit score

    •    You will be able to save thousands of dollars in the form of interest every year

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